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Meeting Minutes – 13 September 2017

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  1. Present


      John Glanville, Ivan Hammond, Nik Collett, Helen Fiddy, Bill Mercer, Alan Paul.  

      John welcomed Carla Ragless from 21 Potters Way, Fengate.


  1. Apologies


      Toni Cray,  Colin Leaves,  Helen O’Driscoll and Amanda ??


  1. Minutes of 12th July 2017 meeting


      Proposer - Nik Collett


      Seconder - Helen Fiddy


  1. Matters arising


      Hampton Parish Council to be approached with a view to providing funds:-


      Toni advised that she has written to Hampton NHW, Hampton Parish Council as well

      as 4 councillors  regarding funding for signage along areas designated by Hampton

      Parish  Counci and is still awaiting their responses.  They required formal request

      which has been given and Toni is now awaiting their formal notice.  Toni stated that

      each councillor could receive a separate invoice receipt, etc.


      Alan mentioned that Jodie Ashton, a former NHW committee member is now working   

     for the Council and could prove to be a useful contact.



      BBC Look East to be contacted re advertising:-


      Bill advised that the contact name he had been given had moved he had left

      voicemail messages, to which he had not had any responses.  But would try again.



      Finalised list of security items for sale to be sent to committee members:-


      Alan confirmed that he had emailed a copy of the list to  all of the committee members.

      It was agreed that this was clear and legible.  He explained that the order form that is

      aimed at NHW members, but can be used by the general public.  Alan also confirmed

      that the NHW address is officially Bayard Place and that mail is being redirected from

      Cromwell Road using address stickers left for this purpose. 


     Alan mentioned that there are two sizes of envelopes are available for sending out

     NHW products.  Each item has been weighed and the heaviest item will cost £2.90 to



      Methods of payment could either be – PayPal;  cheque; direct to our bank account or

      cash at local events. 



     Action point:-

     The opening of a separate account for the sale of NHW products was discussed and

     Helen will look into this.



     Email to be sent to all co-ordinations (except Cardea) on the subject of driveway



      This is still the be actioned.




      Process for setting up a PayPal facility to be investigated:-


       John has look into the Paypal account option, this needs an email address, plus the ID

       of the person  setting it up. The cost is a % between 1.4% to 3.4% (more likely Item

       cost + 20p on a £34 order it will be 54p, which would be paid by the customer.


       Tax on profits made doesn't apply to an non-profit organisation.



  1. Chairmans report:-


     The new leaflet has been delivered to Cardea schemes, as it up to date, subject to a

     couple of streets not fully delivered.  Helen needs some leaftlets to distribute in Saturn



     The Police Control Centre visit on 15 September is in hand.  The committee had

     emailed Toni with their preferences for either a.m or p.m.  Toni is due to email everyone

     on her return with finer details of where to meet on the day.


     Lots of new schemes being set up and Alan is clearing any backlog on alerts, etc and

     new start ups.


    Toni had 47 signs from Eileen in her possession, these are now with Alan.


    There is a forthcoming Safer Homes Event in Eye on 27 September from 2pm to 7pm.

    We need our stand up with items to sell.  Also NHW has agreed to donate phone

    bungees as a free gift to attendees.  Ivan and Bill volunteered to be there.  Alan and

    Collin can also help, probably.


   Alan – sent all committees members a spreadsheet of the co-ordinatiors on ‘Alert’.   He

   is to add Andy Tolley back onto the system, as he thought he had withdrawn interest and

   had removed him, but Ivan confirmed he is still a co-ordinator and has a scheme with 6

   co-ordinators, but we don’t have an email for him.



  1. 6. Police matters/Crime/Alerts:-


     There were no police representatives to give an update.

     Alan confirmed that Rob Hill - Safer Peterborough Partnership, left police and joined the

     Council.  Kieran Milchrist has taken over.




  1. Communications/Area feedback:-


      Cardea -   2 bikes have been stolen.


     Werrington -  There are now 45 co-ordinators.  33 signs have been put up since July

                           bringing up to a total of 106 since they started.  They are canvassing new

                           schemes i.e Temple Grange and have complied a list of places already

                           covered.  More Welcome leaflets have been distributed but they need

                           about 150 more. Alan will order more and with have them by 27th

                           September, but can give Ivan 200 in the meantime.  Alan pointed out that

                           the ones he has left are for other areas, who have yet to collect/receive

                           them. It was suggested that an email should be sent out to other      

                           co-ordinators to get an idea of how many leaflets are needed in total.  

                           Nik.thanked Ivan and Bill for covering Temple Grange.


     Sugar Way -  no feedback available.


     Hampton –    no feedback available.


      Central -     Alan has had an invite, via Facebook, to meet the Arman, the head of the



                         Bill suggested that we could leave leaftlets at Morrisons on Lincoln Road

                         and also that the Roman Catholic Church hold services for the Polish

                         population in that area.  He could approach the minister as an outlet for

                         Polish leaflets possibly by 27th September.  He also suggested that

                        we could also leave a small box of leaflets at the Central Library.


                        There are currently 320 schemes - the idea being that each household is

                        given a leaflet and it should remain in that house.


    Action point – Alan will organize the Polish leaflets.



      Orton –     no feedback available.



  1. Membership - Committee/Schemes:-


     Alan sent an email to all Committee members with a copy of his spreadsheet.


     Cleetham in South Bretton had an opening night which John and Alan attended.  The

     Group were well switched on as they all know each other, so a network is already in



     Hampton - Darren Bisby-Boyd is signed up to the Alert system but doesn't have his

     name on it.  He advertises himself as Hampton NHW.  Alan has asked for his date of

     birth, but has not been given it.  As Alan is able to off his access to the site, it was

     agreed that this should be done and we can ask Darren to re-register.



  1. Events/Initiatives:-


     Ivan mentioned the Werrington drop-in event on 4th October, which has been

     orgainsed by the Neighbourhood Watch Council.


     Suggested turnout at Serpentine Green over the Xmas period - Alan to investigate

     maybe 2 weeks before 25th December.



  1. Funding:-


       Association account balance.  £5,983.59, there is £81.20 in cash to pay in bringing the

       total to £6,051.99





       Alan has put together a letter to send out to Peterborough Businesses, setting out the

       historical funding for the NHW and explaining our link to the police.  He has also   

       mentioned how many members there are and our latest accounts are available on

       request.  He has listed our priorities. i.e storage, state Coker she, welcome packs

       which are a work in progress.


        Potential outlets -


        BGL who have recently advertised large profits.


         Tipson Locksmiths, who are mobile and supply leaflets, Bill*


         Benns Security*


         Tesco - bags of Health, Ivan has emailed


*Discount for approved NHW members !!!

 Business cards


  1. Equipment storage


       Our current storage facility at Hampton Police station is being withdrawn.


  1. AOB:-


       Information facts sheet needs to be upgraded.  Welcome letter on back.


       The County Exec was mentioned, as their AGM is coming up.


  1. Date of next meeting. - 8 November 2017.