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Meeting Minutes – 10th May 2017

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Toni Cray, Alan Paul, John Glanville, Ivan Hammond, Helen O’Driscoll, Nik Collett, Helen Fiddy, Anthony Broughton & Bill Mercer




Lawrence Wright, Julie Howell & Colin Leaves


Not Present


Hannah Chapman


Feedback From AGM on 6th May


It was confirmed that 27 people attended. All agreed that the venue (Paston Farm) was good and that the presentation from the Chief Inspector was highly informative.


Alan was thanked for his efforts in organising the AGM.


Minutes of 8th March 2017 meeting


Proposer – Alan Paul


Seconder – Bill Mercer


Matters Arising


It was suggested that Darren Bisby-Boyd should be contacted in order to confirm his intentions with regards to membership of the committee.


Bill reported that Aviva are currently over-subscribed with grant applications and that no funds are available.


Nik was provided with the name of Joseph Hall, at BBC Look East, with a view to researching the possibility of radio advertising.





Alan showed the committee the draft list of security items for sale, with the finalised list to be sent in due course. Various means of distribution of the products were discussed.


Police matters


Helen reported recent incidents of car crime and house burglaries in Old Stanground.


The merit of driveway alarms was emphasised. Toni suggested that she would send an email to all scheme co-ordinators on this subject.




Alan advised that details for the new leaflet have been sent to the designer, with draft to be produced, and information has also been provided to the web site designer.


Toni reported car vandalism on the Cardea estate, but comments re NHW have been positive.


Ivan advised that there would be a ‘drop in’ event, with NHW stand, at Werrington Library on 1st July. The AGM for Werrington Cluster Group was held on 25th April. A funding meeting with PCVS is due to be held on 24th May. There is a total of 45 co-ordinators in the group (5 new).


Alan reported that in the Central area NHW appears to have a bad name, with ‘Community Watch’ suggested as an alternative, and a request was made for ideas as to how NHW’s profile could be improved.


A candidate has been identified to replace Darren Bisby-Boyd in Hampton NHW, with that scheme then hopefully becoming more active.


Anthony reported issues with parking on pavements in Fletton, for which the police are taking action, with rubbish in front gardens also a problem.




Alan reported relatively slow progress with regards to new schemes, with an average of 1 in 5 enquiries being converted.


A suggestion was made that the police should be requested to hand NHW packs to victims of crime, with name forwarded to Alan.




Toni reported that NHW would be represented at the Cyber Crime Ambassadors event at Cardea Sports Pavilion on 25th May, with Ivan advising representation at Werrington Carnival on 24th June.


Alan advised that he would be undertaking a leaflet drop, followed by a meeting with Paston NHW.




Helen reported that there was no change in the bank balance as reported at the AGM.


Any Other Business


Toni explained the Trygve community app and requested feedback from committee members.


Alan reported on the proposed partnership agreement between the Association and the County Executive Group, with the Chair and Vice Chair to be members of the Executive Group. He suggested that there would be no benefit in it for the Association.



Date of Next Meeting


Wednesday 12th July 2017, 7.00 PM, at Oundle Road, Baptist Church.



































Written communication to be sent to Darren Bisby-Boyd.







BBC Look East to be contacted re advertising.






Finalised list of security items for sale to be sent to committee members.








Email to be sent to all co-ordinators on the subject of driveway alarms.



































































Details of Trygve app to be emailed to committee members.








































John Glanville









Nik Collett







Alan Paul










Toni Cray





































































Toni Cray