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Meeting Minutes – 8th March 2017

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Alan Paul, John Glanville, Ivan Hammond, Helen O’Driscoll, Nik Collett & Bill Mercer




Colin Leaves, Lawrence Wright, Julie Howell, Toni Cray, Helen Fiddy & Amanda Large


Not Present


Darren Bisby-Boyd. Due to Darren having continuously failed to attend meetings, it was agreed that he should be deleted from the Committee.


It was noted that Lawrence Wright has not attended recent meetings, and is therefore to be contacted with regards to his future intentions.


Minutes of 11th January 2017 meeting


Proposer – Nik Collett


Seconder – Bill Mercer


Matters Arising


The information re the role of co-ordinators has been circulated. The wording re the proposed communication to members was agreed, but it was agreed that the picture should be changed as it implied focus on the older generation.


The wording of the proposed grant application form was agreed, and it was agreed that all grant monies approved should be spent within 6 months of approval.


Bill advised that he had approached Aviva re the availability of grants. Still waiting for information but understands that their stance in this regard is being reviewed.


Regarding the possibility of radio advertising, Bill advised that he has the name of a BBC Look East researcher. Will advise Nik.


Alan reported that 3 out of 14 new scheme enquires had followed through to completion.


It was agreed that the AGM should be on 6th or 13th May, due to lack of committee member availability in April. There has been no response from Paston Farm regarding its use as a venue. Bill will enquire.


Police matters


Helen reported that a prolific local car crime offender has recently been arrested.


The group of youths in Longthorpe, as reported at the January committee meeting, is still active.


Details of ‘The Ring’ mobile phone application were reported, this allowing video link to house callers when resident is out.




It was agreed that the updated web site should be progressed.


The only area feedback came from Werrington, with Ivan reporting details of various co-ordinator changes, the proposed ‘drop in event’ on 22nd April, and general lack of crime in the area.




Alan reported that Rebecca from Cross Keys will be moving on.


Darren Bisby-Boyd has been removed from the committee due to lack of appearance. To be advised accordingly.


Julie Howell will be absent until further notice due to ill health.






It was reported that Bill and Ivan attended a meeting in Cambridge regarding cyber crime. A training course will follow on 31st March.


Alan reported that NHW will have a stall at Serpentine Green on 22nd and 23rd March in the final week of Disability & Community Awareness Month. Colin Leaves will attend, to be possibly joined by Bill and Ivan.


It was confirmed that NHW would be represented at Werrington Carnival on 24th June.


Alan advised that he would be attending a meeting in Paston on 14th March with a view to raising the profile of NHW in the area and encouraging new schemes.




In Toni and Helen’s absence, Alan reported a bank balance of circa £6,800.


 Any Other Business


Alan suggested that a list of security related items for sale should be produced as a means of advertising their availability, and volunteers to distribute purchased items were requested.


Alan reported that a proposed new replacement for PIN’s is being created by Cloud-Pin Ltd, with a suggestion that the company’s representative, Jonathan Cramer, could speak at the AGM.


Bill proposed the idea that there could be NHW/Police representation in conjunction with the local mobile library.


Date of Next Meeting


Wednesday 10th May 2017, 7.00 PM, at Oundle Road, Baptist Church.




















Lawrence to be contacted to ascertain future involvement with the Association.






















Aviva to be pursued for information re grants.




Nik to be sent the name of the BBC Look East researcher.





Paston Farm to be contacted regarding the AGM.

































Darren Bisby-Boyd to be advised of removal from committee.



































Printed list of security items is to be produced.










Usage of the mobile library is to be investigated.




























Alan Paul

























Bill Mercer





Bill Mercer







Bill Mercer



































Alan Paul





































Alan Paul











Helen O’Driscoll