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Meeting Minutes – 12th July 2017

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Toni Cray,  John Glanville, Ivan Hammond, Nik Collett, Helen Fiddy, Bill Mercer & Lawrence Wright




Alan Paul, Helen O’Driscoll, Julie Howell, Anthony Broughton, Hannah Chapman & Colin Leaves


Minutes of 10th May 2017 meeting


Proposer – Toni Cray


Seconder – Nik Collett


Matters Arising


John reported that he had contacted Darren Bisby-Boyd, who responded that due to family commitments, he could not commit to attending any more meetings.


Toni advised that she had also been in contact with Darren, who has informed her that Hampton Parish Council could provide grant monies for the purchase of NHW signs. It was suggested that the Council should be contacted accordingly.


The contact with BBC Look East, with regards to advertising, is still outstanding, with Bill Mercer offering to take over as he is known to the BBC contact.


The finalised list of security items for sale is still outstanding.



Toni reported that the email regarding driveway alarms has been sent to Cardea members but is still outstanding to other areas.



The Trygve app. details were sent to committee members, although enthusiasm was limited.


Police matters


On Helen’s behalf it was reported that there will be a home security event at Leeds Hall, Eye, on 27th September. Bill and Ivan agreed to attend on the Association’s behalf.


A local serial vehicle crime perpetrator, as described at previous meetings, has been caught and given a 12 week jail sentence.


There have recently been a number of rogue trading incidents. The police are requesting residents to record and report more details of the individuals involved if possible.


It was reported that a local individual has made enquiries regarding commencing a scheme with the use of CCTV cameras in the locality, and committee members were asked if they knew of any schemes using CCTV. Bill suggested that enquiries could be made with Eileen Le Voi (Safe Local Trades) or Maplin, the CCTV equipment suppliers.


It was reported that Tony Broughton has complained regarding poor 101 service. The Superintendent for Public Contact, who is responsible for the service, sent a detailed explanation and has invited the committee members to visit the centre. All agree that they would like to go, and suggested dates are awaited.




Toni reported that an issue has arisen with regards to procedures for vetting new co-ordinators following a complaint from an individual whose application had been rejected. In response to suggestions that the Association should investigate possible new procedures, the committee members unanimously agreed that the County Executive should take responsibility for deciding such policy.


Alan has attended a scheme launch at Potters Way, Fengate, comprising circa 400 homes, an area co-ordinator and 8 to 10 co-ordinators.


With regards to distribution of the new leaflets, Lawrence, Ivan and Bill reported that they had dropped them through doors in their area, with John reporting that the local library were given a supply due to lack of interest in NHW in the close vicinity.


Cardea area feedback was that apart from occasional bike theft, there was nothing significant to report.


Werrington area feedback was that there has been very little crime. 4 NHW enquires were received from the local carnival, and 2 from the ‘drop in’ event.


In Hampton area, it was reported that Darren Bisby-Boyd is to hand over running the scheme, and that there are funds available for NHW signs from the local Parish Council.


For Central area it was reported that there is a potential new scheme in Eastfield. Also, Toni advised that she has a new public service volunteer contact in Central area, working with victims of crime, who she proposes to invite to a future meeting to give a talk. The committee agreed to this suggestion.




Toni advised that there are 4 potential new schemes across the area.


It was suggested that the Association should change its correspondence address to Bayard Place, with this being a central location and emphasising the links with the police. This was agreed by all.




It was reported that the phone straps are not selling. It was agreed that they could in future be given away.



It was agreed that a PayPal facility would be the best way of taking payment upon sale of security items. John offered to investigate the process for establishing a facility.


A community event in Woodston is due to take place on 22nd July. Ivan agreed to join Colin in representing NHW.




Helen reported a bank balance of £5,984.06, with £12.80 proceeds from Werrington Carnival to be added.


Any Other Business


Ivan produced a booklet on ‘Scams’ that he showed the committee, and Bill commented on the availability of leaflets on the same subject from the N&P Building Society.


Lawrence commented that his name was not included as being present in the AGM minutes. This is to be corrected.


Date of Next Meeting


Wednesday 13th September 2017, 7.00 PM, at Oundle Road, Baptist Church.




























Hampton Parish Council to be approached with a view to providing funds.





BBC Look East to be contacted re advertising.




Finalised list of security items for sale to be sent to committee members.


Email to be sent to all co-ordinators (except Cardea) on the subject of driveway alarms.









































































































Process for setting up a PayPal facility to be investigated.






























Toni Cray







Bill Mercer





Alan Paul




Toni Cray












































































































John Glanville