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Meeting Minutes – 11th January 2017

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Alan Paul, John Glanville, Ivan Hammond, Helen O’Driscoll, Toni Cray, Colin Leaves, Nik Collett & Hannah Chapman




Bill Mercer, Lawrence Wright, Julie Howell & Helen Fiddy


Not Present


Clark Chapman


Minutes of 9th November 2016 meeting


Proposer – Nik Collett


Seconder – John Glanville


Matters Arising


Alan confirmed that the list of PCSO’s was sent by way of Alert message.


Alan confirmed that he now has Internet access to the Association’s bank account.


Re the lack of barrier on the Cardea play area, Toni reported that Ray Bisby is looking into it and it was agreed that it was not a NHW issue.


Alan reported that he has now completed the summary of the co-ordinator’s role and will now circulate it.  


Ideas for grant criteria have been collated and it was agreed that events (eg Saturday coffee mornings) should be arranged for each area to promote the scheme.


John advised that no response had been received from Jodie Aston and she has therefore been removed from the committee.



Re the posters for Serpentine Green, Alan advised that he would await the new leaflets and use those for the purpose.


Alan reported that both pre-Christmas events at Serpentine Green were cancelled due to lack of volunteers (Saturday) and ill-health (Thursday).


Alan reported that he had received no response from Darren Bisby-Boyd re the new scheme at Hampton, but Rebecca at Cross Keys had been contacted with a view to progressing it.


The sweatshirts have been received and were handed to the committee members.


With Bill being absent, there was no update re the Aviva community grants.



Alan confirmed that he has ordered £400 worth of crime prevention items, with some already sold at the AGM.

On the subject of crime prevention items, Nik suggested that pictures of the items could be circulated to the various schemes to make them aware of their availability. Helen reported the availability of driveway alarms, comprising external sensors to detect intruders, and emphasised their effectiveness, suggesting that they be brought to the attention of NHW members.


Nik advised that he had contacted a local radio station regarding advertising, but as it was in the pre-Christmas period, they had requested further contact in the new year.


All pre-AGM actions, together with the sending of the revised constitution to members, were confirmed as completed.


2016 Review & Direction for 2017


It was generally agreed that a continuation of the same strategy as seen in 2016 would be desirable.



Other ideas included more advertising of the crime preventions items for sale, with perhaps a price list and order form distributed to NHW schemes in the area, articles in local magazines, and localised events.


Police matters


Helen reported that 2 youths had been arrested in relation to the recent spate of burglaries, with 4 others being sought. Cameras and electrical goods are the main target. In view of the fact that Dash Cam was  instrumental in the arrest, it was suggested that a list of members who have Dash Cam or CCTV would be advantageous.


It was reported that a local individual who has a prolific history of vehicle crime has recently been released from prison.




Some amendments were suggested for the new welcome letter which had been distributed to committee members.


Toni reported that Cardea NHW has come second in a local community award. The prize money will be used to purchase NHW signs. Some improvement has been seen in relation to the parking problems since the use of the leaflets commenced, and the Committee agreed that the use of these notices should continue.


Werrington suggested that a P.A. system would have been beneficial at the AGM. A new scheme in Chatsfield was reported, as was a proposed ‘drop in’ event on 22nd April and proposed attendance by Bill and Ivan at a cyber crime event in Cambridge.


Hannah reported that Sugar Way held a successful carol event in December, with 40 in attendance, although the regular meetings are fading out. Toni suggested that Facebook is an ideal way of communicating with members.






Alan advised that following an initial press release, there has been no further contact from Clark Chapman, the new Communications Officer.


It was confirmed that packs were sent out as a result of initial enquires from potential new schemes, with these to now be followed up.




Alan proposed that the Association should have a stand at Serpentine Green for the Disability & Community Awareness month to be held from 24th to 30th March.


It was reported that the PNHW shop would operate only at weekends commencing in spring.


22nd or 29th April were suggested as dates for the 2017 AGM. It was suggested that if held on 22nd, it could combine with the Werrington drop in event. Ivan to investigate.




Toni reported a bank balance of £6,831.70 As at 21st December 2016.


Any Other Business


Alan reported that he had attended the Cambridge Executive Committee meeting. A key issue was the decision that each police area should have a partnership agreement with a NHW association. A working group comprising Alan and Toni will meet to plan the furure.


Date of Next Meeting


Wednesday 8th March 2017, 7.00 PM, at Oundle Road, Baptist Church.





































Details of co-ordinator’s role to be circulated.



Events to promote grant scheme to be arranged.



























Details re Aviva community grants to be provided at next meeting.















Possibility of radio advertising to be investigated.








































































Follow up contact to be made with potential new schemes.













Enquiries to be made re possibility of AGM combining with Werrington drop in event.



































Alan Paul




Alan Paul




























Bill Mercer

















Nik Collett










































































Alan Paul















Alan Paul