Are you concerned about a neighbour?

Is there a group of people staying or regularly appearing at a house near to you?

Has there been an increase in noise, disturbances and unusual activity because of these people?

Could that home have been cuckooed?

Cuckooing is where people take over someone’s home and use it for illegal activity such as drug dealing, sex working or financial exploitation.

Some signs to look for:

  • An increase in people entering and leaving
  • Increase in cars and bikes outside
  • Increase in anti social behaviour (ASB) and noise
  • Change in the neighbour’s appearance/unwashed/unkept
  • Increase in litter outside
  • People coming and going at all times of day
  • Damage to the front door/outside house
  • Unknown people calling at houses trying to find the cuckooed house
  • You haven’t seen the person who lives there for a while
  • The neighbour seems anxious or distracted

Concerned? Then it’s time to act!

Contact the police at

Call 101.

Call the landlord.

Call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111                                                                             

Still not sure? Email for advice.