My name is Toni and I have been a part of Neighbourhood Watch for 4 years now.  Our local scheme has gone from strength to strength.

“Being a part of the local NHW has empowered me to be more vigilant of my surroundings and alert others leading to a safer, more neighbourly and ultimately a secure community in which to live in”. 

Every 6 weeks we meet up and discuss any matters arising along with any current concerns/issues.

Issues can range from nuisance teens/car/house/shed/garage break ins – for example

– an elderly couple were being picked on by a group of young kids who were throwing stones at their windows kicking their front door as well as constantly kicking the football at their window – we were informed – we went round to check on the elderly couple and we got their local co-ordinator l to check in on them and exchange numbers in case it happened again. The description of the youths was given to 101 as well an email to the contact list members to make people aware in case they moved onto someone else.  Subsequently the housing association were also informed as the youths were known to live on the estate.

We now have a 100 plus contact list of people who have joined our scheme, with sub co-ordinators for individual streets on our estate with the area coordinator and I having the control of the whole contact list and more being added as our estate grows.

Each time there is issue residents will send an email or even a photo of the problem, then we assess if it warrants a circulation around the contacts so residents are aware.  We always reiterate to members that they should ring 101 for non- urgent matters which require police involvement before they call us…

I would urge anyone wanting to join or start up a scheme to get involved – you won’t look back!

If anyone needs any help or wants to chat to me feel free to contact me through the Peterborough Neighbourhood Watch Association on 0771 8969 159 or e mail  Leave your name and number and I’ll call you back.

Happy Neighbourhood Watching!