Street Signs  

These are a great way to notify everyone that they are in a Watch area.

There is no formal planning permission required for the installation of the signs in the area covered by Peterborough City Council but certain requirements are required, as follows;-

  1. The size of the sign is 30cm wide 40cm high.
  2. They are only to be fitted to street light columns.
  3. They should not be installed on poles or fittings that hold street traffic signs. They should not be fitted to telephone cable poles.
  4. They may be fitted to buildings and walls with permission from the owner of the building or wall.
  5. They should be fitted with the bottom edge of each sign not less than 2.1 meters from the ground/road/footpath and not less than 2.3 meters from a cycleway surface.

When a member of a Watch fits the sign they are covered for public liability insurance under a policy held by the National Neighbourhood Watch Network. See for latest details.

Advertising the presence of a Watch can draw attention from possible offenders who dislike the existence of such a community approach. It is recommended the signs are not erected close to walls or similar height constructions or trees, they allow access to vandalise or steal the sign.

It is recommended that each sign is permanently marked with a postcode for that area.

Watch coordinators should check the safety, security and condition of each of their signs at least annually. Currently the signs are sold for £12 each including two fitting straps by the official supplier for Peterborough – Peterborough Neighbourhood Watch Association.

There is no restriction on the number of signs erected for each Watch area; at least two should be placed for a single Watch.

The signs should face outwards from the area covered by the Watch.  Face up or down the road and not across it. Face towards entrances to the area, e.g. footpaths and cycleway.

Street signs left in areas where a Watch no longer operates or becomes unregistered may be removed.

It is not a strict requirement for Watch street signs to be erected and installed. The members of the Watch will have the decision based on their views of the community in which they live or other circumstances.

Signs that have become worn out, rusty, no longer fit for purpose may be replaced free of charge. Old ones, they are not collected, should be removed and scrapped by the coordinator. Contact

To order Street signs go to’ Shop’.

Watch coordinators in the Werrington area Cluster Group should contact their area coordinators for street signs.

Window Stickers/Decals    

Small circular window, approximately 85 mm diameter, stickers showing the neighbourhood watch logo may be displayed in a front window or glazed door and a rear door or window. These are helpful as they show the householder is a member of a Watch.

The police or local authority staff visiting an area will be able to see the sticker and be able to identify the location of watch members in the event of any door to door enquiries.  They can help the deterrent effect of a Watch and demonstrate to would be offenders that entering such a property is at their risk as the Watch member resident could have all their property security marked and have various security measures in place.

Further advice is available from the Peterborough Neighbourhood Watch Association at

Feb 2018