The Aims of an active Neighbourhood Watch

  • Cut crime and disorder and the opportunities for them
  • Help reassure those who live in fear of crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Ensure streets are tidy and rubbish free to help deter criminal behaviour

Keep your Watch active by:

  • Starting your Watch with a minimum of five households and aim to increase this number.
  • Staying alert and reporting suspicious behaviour, that concerns you as unusual.
  • On seeing the suspicious behaviour or concern for a safety matter, the household member would notify the Police online or by calling 101. For emergencies call 999.
  • The household member should notify the police online
  • If you wish to send a photograph with your report send to the following email address –
  • Or telephone 101 for non emergencies. Use the Neighbourhood Watch code word you were supplied with when you first joined the Watch scheme.
  • Or call 999 in an emergency.
  • Your local Police team on 101.
  • Or contact Neighbourhood Watch Peterborough by email
  • Notify the Watch Coordinator at the next convenient time.
  • As an alternative, if you don’t wish to reveal your identity call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Some Watches do more:

  • They meet regularly, socially, to discuss issues and/or to learn about local crime trends and ways and means of combating them. They listen to the concerns and experiences of the members of the Watch.
  • Local Police may be invited to attend these meetings: many Watches produce regular newsletters which the Watch Coordinators circulate to members. The Watch Coordinators are key members who have agreed to act as the contact point for their Watch and usually determine, by their degree of enthusiasm, how active members are beyond the basic task of keeping active by watching and reporting.
  • The final element to ensure the scheme is active, is for each household member to take action on the security of their home, keeping windows locked when away from the house/flat, not leaving valuable items on display and remembering to keep keys out of sight.

The Police may liaise through area or Watch co-ordinators, depending on the issues involved and other circumstances, relying on the voluntary Watch  network to disseminate information as appropriate.


If you would like to know more, take a look around this website and the other sites shown at  Useful Links and Downloads.

  • You can join an existing Watch as a household member if there is one near to you.
  • You can set up your own local Watch, usually, but not always, you become the Coordinator.
  • You can become an assistant or deputy when a coordinator has been identified. But you must be an household member first.
  •  You can volunteer to be an Area Watch Coordinator.

When you are ready, contact your local Police Team on 101, or contact us.