You may already know your neighbours, if you do then that’s ideal and will make it easy to establish the Watch. Perhaps you don’t know anyone and that can be for a variety of reasons. People have different levels of confidence and may find it more challenging to meet their neighbours, who start off as strangers, until you know who they are, their names, and they know yours. Another challenge could be that many neighbours talk different languages. In most cases at least one person in a household speaks English. There are some leaflets in Polish, Latvian and Lithuanian.

It is suggested that you pass the time of day with neighbours, simply saying hello or good morning could help break the ice and encourage talking between you. Let the neighbours have a copy of the leaflet ‘ Welcome to Neighbourhood Watch’ and suggest they don’t decide to join until they have read it. Sometimes some neighbours will not be interested, if that is the case just leave it for the time being, maybe they’ll change their mind later on.

Street Signs and Window Stickers

Displaying Watch street signs and windows stickers is important to help identify the area and homes that are part of the Watch.

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