Effective communication down to Watch level is essential and we are pleased to say the police and Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner have teamed up with us to implement Alert Messaging which is now available and heavily used. The Neighbourhood Watch Alert, Police, eCops and the OurWatch are all on the same system and combined members database.

The key to a successful Watch is of course to keep the lines of communication open between all the members and the Watch Coordinator.

The majority will use email, many now set up their own social media sites including Facebook, Nextdoor, Trygve and others. The Whatsapp application has a section called ‘ broadcaster’ useful for small groups of neighbours.

No doubt other formats will be developed in the future. All these are useful tools for active Watches.


You can use the National Watch website  Ourwatch.

Each of your members would need to register on line on to your Watch group. Once completed it would be a simple to send an e mail to all your members by just one click.



Image: Cambridgeshire Police Badge

The Police will circulate information on eCops. Neighbourhood Watch Peterborough and partners, the Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch Force Association will also send you messages from time to time.