Welcome to Neighbourhood Watch Peterborough

Neighbourhood Watch helps people create communities where everyone feel safe

A Warm Invitation to Join Us at a Double Anniversary – 30th/40th

Celebration & Members Annual Meeting for Neighbourhood Watch Peterborough

10:30am to 12:30pm Saturday 12th November, 2022 at the Parnwell Community Centre, Saltersgate, Peterborough PE1 4YL.

40th Anniversary of Neighbourhood Watch in the UK

In 1964, 28-year-old Kitty Genovese was stabbed in New York outside her apartment. Two weeks after her murder it was rumoured that 38 witnesses saw or heard the attack, but none of them called the police or came to her aid. This motivated a community response and the very first Neighbourhood Watch scheme was set up in New York. This neighbourly approach grew and grew across the USA and in1982 the first UK scheme was set up in Mollington, Cheshire.

What we do


A number of neighbours in a large or small group keep in contact with each other, share information, keep a look out for suspicious behaviour and feedback what they have seen and heard to the police.


They are willing to report suspicious behaviour resulting in a safer neighbourhood, the risks of experiencing crime and anti-social behaviour are reduced.


They take action and are helpful when one of the group experiences crime or anti-social behaviour, they are good neighbours for each other, observant and willing participants in an atmosphere of community spirit.

How does a Neighbourhood Watch work?

Its success lies in the simple fact that knowing and communicating with your  neighbours, simply being neighbourly provides the basics for a Watch. Add this to supporting and working with the Police can help solve and deter local crime, anti-social behaviour and improve the local environment.

It can remove the fear and feelings of powerlessness through the Watch solving these upsetting and annoying problems. The experience of being a victim of crime can be particularly distressing.

1982 – Present Day